Dino Hunt

Find dinosaurs in your neighbourhood.

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Dinosaur games to challenge your kids!

Dino Hunt Live

Dino Hunt Live is a neighbourhood game to play on your cell phone. Gather your family, visit any park or schoolyard and start collecting dinosaurs. Wander around the area and follow the clues to find tools and eggs. Once you have a shovel, dig up an egg. When you have the magic hammer, you get to crack the egg and release the dinosaur. Compete with your family. Collect the most dinosaurs to win. You'll need to activate location services on your cell phone in order to play.

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Dino Match

Dino Match is a memory game consisting of 21 pairs of lasercut wooden dinosaurs. To play, randomly place all dinosaurs upside down. Take turns flipping over two dinosaurs at a time. If they match, keep them. Otherwise flip back. But be careful, as some dinosaurs are very similar in colour!

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T-Rex Puzzle

56 lasercut wooden pieces. 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes.

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Dino Hunt Card Game(Coming Soon)

Dino Hunt the Card Game consists of 100 cards comprising eggs, coins, detectors, shovels, picks, batteries, magic hammers and dinosaurs. Players collect and exchange cards in order to claim a dinosaur. Players expose strata to find coins to purchase tools and equipment used for discovery. To claim their dinosaur, a player must have the proper equipment to unearth an egg that will hatch a dinosaur.

Dinosaur Puzzles

Brainy Games can lasercut wooden puzzles in various sizes and number of pieces. Choose from hundreds of free images at Pixabay. Then contact Mark@brainy.games to lasercut a puzzle in a variety of styles and sizes.