DiceBerg Alley

A Polyominoes Route Building Game
In Diceberg Alley, a partly frozen, yet dangerous ocean awaits intrepid explorers. This is a route building, “press your luck” strategy game. Gather the most “dicecube” points to win.
Image attribution: S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay



Family Games

The Game

Visit Iceberg Alley off the island of Newfoundland to collect "dicecubes". Starting at your own iceberg, assemble sheets of ice to build pathways to other icebergs where you can collect dicecubes.

Lasercut Components

  • 30 interlocking game boards
  • 30 icebergs
  • Four sets of 30 polyomino ice sheets
  • Four explorer meeples
  • 30 acrylic “dicecubes”
  • 25 destination cards
  • Polar bears, narwhal, giant walrus
  • Rogue ship
  • 20 action cards
  • Two sets of dice.

Game Play

  • roll both dice to build, one die to move or one die collect
  • connect an icesheet to a matching platform (die numbers)
  • double roll: connect any ice sheet or remove an opponent's ice sheet
  • the player with the most dicecube points wins.


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